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Month-by-Month Information to Your Child’s Growth Throughout Being pregnant – The Child Cubby

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Being pregnant may be probably the most thrilling occasions in a guardian’s life. Sadly, for a lot of, it could possibly additionally deliver a number of challenges and anxieties. For me, I all the time struggled with being pregnant. From feeling self-conscious to all these aches and pains, I had an especially laborious time feeling optimistic about being pregnant. That is why it was so important for me to seek out issues that helped me really feel extra optimistic and to sit up for the little child on the finish of the lengthy highway.

One of many issues that helped me essentially the most was preserving monitor of my child’s growth every month! Not solely did it assist me really feel like issues had been progressing regardless of the sensation that being pregnant simply dragged on, but it surely additionally helped me hook up with that little child I could not but see.

So whether or not you simply need to begin constructing that bond together with your child even earlier than beginning or you’re simply interested by what on the earth is occurring in there, this is your information to your infant’s growth throughout being pregnant!

Being pregnant Timeline Defined

Beginning out, it is necessary to grasp simply how the timeline for being pregnant performs out. When going to your first prenatal appointment, chances are you’ll discover that your healthcare supplier will ask you if you final had your interval. It’s because your official being pregnant “begin date” comes earlier than your child is even conceived. In reality, the primary day of your final interval is when your being pregnant formally begins. For the sake of this text, after I check with a developmental stage in “weeks”, I am going off of this official begin date (although your child was technically conceived about 2 weeks later).

The explanation why suppliers go off of this date is as a result of it has been proven to provide essentially the most correct indicator of when you’ll ship, as understanding when a girl ovulated or the precise second they conceived is fairly troublesome to calculate. Nevertheless, since each girl’s menstrual cycle is totally different, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is not an actual science. That is why only a few ladies ship on their precise due date (less than 5%!) So attempt to keep in mind this all through your being pregnant and do not rely an excessive amount of on the particular date.

Generally, although, ladies are pregnant for 40 weeks or 280 days. This equates to about 9 months. When pregnant with my first, this confused me a bit. If most months have about 4 weeks in them, that might make being pregnant 10 months lengthy. And a few on-line guides will outline every “month” as 4 weeks, providing you with a ten month being pregnant timeline.

We all know this is not completely correct although, as a result of every month of the 12 months varies–some have 4 weeks, whereas most months are a bit longer than 4 weeks. With a purpose to simplify issues, I’ll hold issues a bit extra normal and focus on the fundamentals of what is occurring every month (particularly as a result of infants will develop at barely totally different charges.) A few of my “months” will technically have 5 weeks in them. This permits me to divide the months in a manner that makes essentially the most sense developmentally. 

One other be aware about being pregnant timelines to bear in mind: there can be some slight variations in what’s thought-about a trimester amongst consultants. Some check with the primary trimester as the primary 12 weeks, whereas some say it lasts till the beginning of week 14. On this article, I can be going by the broadly accepted rule of 0 by means of the tip of week 13 for the primary trimester, 14 by means of the tip of 27 weeks for the second, and 28 to 40 weeks for the third. 

So with all that in thoughts, this is your month-by-month information to your child’s growth throughout being pregnant!

Pregnant Mom

First Trimester

Month 1 (Weeks 1 by means of about 5)

As I mentioned earlier than, being pregnant technically begins earlier than conception! So the primary week of being pregnant, you’ll really be on the final interval you may have for some time. Someday throughout the second week, you’ll ovulate. It’s presently that you need to have intercourse in case you’re actively making an attempt to conceive. Having intercourse earlier than you assume ovulation will happen offers you one of the best likelihood to conceive, as sperm can survive as much as 5 (typically extra) days contained in the physique, however as soon as the egg is launched, it’s only viable for about 24 hours. If the sperm finds the egg, fertilization has formally occurred, and what’s referred to as a “zygote” will kind!

Subsequent (throughout week 3), the fertilized egg will journey to its final destination-the uterus- the place it can then implant into the wall of the uterus. Because it makes its journey, the cells are always dividing, and the “blastocyst” types. Because the blastocyst begins implanting within the uterus, it divides into 2 parts-half of which turns into the embryo, and the opposite half will kind the placenta. The amniotic sac will even kind round your child, which can assist shield your infant throughout the subsequent 9 months!

The embryo will then divide into 3 layers: the ectoderm, which can kind the pores and skin, nervous system, eyes, and ears; the mesoderm, which can develop into the center in addition to the skeletal system, kidneys, and reproductive system; and the endoderm, which turns into the intestines and lungs. One of many first issues that can develop from this division is the neural tube, which can ultimately develop into the mind and spinal twine.

Close to the tip of the primary month, implantation turns into full, and also you now have an embryo! You might have in all probability missed your interval by this level as nicely, as implantation alerts to your physique that you just’re pregnant. This results in a cascade in adjustments in your hormones, and chances are you’ll begin experiencing a few of your first being pregnant signs.

Though it might seem to be not so much is occurring on this first month since about half of it’s simply constructing as much as conception, many very important issues are occurring! As quickly because the embryo types, a number of very important components start to develop! That is why it’s so necessary that you just put together for a wholesome being pregnant even earlier than you get pregnant by studying all that you may.

Among the best issues you are able to do for each you AND your future child is to start out taking a top quality prenatal vitamin at the least a month earlier than making an attempt to conceive. It will hold you sturdy whereas additionally serving to your child to develop correctly as nicely.

Month 1 Overview:

  • Conception happens & a zygote types
  • Cells begin to divide, blastocyst types
  • Blastocyst implants within the uterus
  • Division into placenta and embryo happen
  • Hormonal adjustments happen, resulting in missed interval
  • Embryo divides into 3 layers: the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm
  • Neural tube types

Child’s measurement on the finish of 5 weeks: Sesame seed

Baby at 5 weeks

Photograph Supply: Baby Center

Month 2 (Weeks 6 by means of 9)

As soon as the embryo develops in month 1, huge issues proceed to occur! It is presently that the neural tube closes, giving rise to mind and backbone growth! On the similar time, different main organs, such because the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive organs, begin to develop. As the center begins to develop, it can begin to make pumping motions, which may typically be seen on ultrasound!

It is usually in month 2 that your child begins to look way more like a child! The embryo begins to tackle a C-shape and little tiny bumps kind that can quickly develop into legs and arms. In weeks 7 by means of 9, particularly, the top, facial options, and limbs will develop into extra outstanding. By the tip of month 2, these little frog-like fingers and ft now have apparent fingers and toes, and the ears, eyes, nostril, and tiny lips have begun to kind. 

With all of the speedy organ growth, that is once more why taking a prenatal earlier than getting pregnant is so necessary!

Month 2 Overview:

  • Neural tube closes off and can develop into the mind and backbone
  • Coronary heart and different main organs proceed to develop
  • Embryo takes on C-shape, however begins to straighten out by finish of week 9
  • Legs and arms kind, fingers and toes develop
  • Facial options develop into extra obvious-ears, eyes, nostril, and lips kind
  • “Tail” begins to vanish
  • Umbilical twine is totally shaped and begins offering child with all it wants

Child’s measurement on the finish of 9 weeks: Concerning the diameter of a penny in size, a bit of macaroni, or the scale of grape

Baby at 9 weeks pregnant

Photograph Supply: Household Schooling

Month 3 (Weeks 10-13)

Up till this level, your child’s head has been the most important a part of their little physique. In month 3, nonetheless, their physique will develop, and their head will begin to develop into just a little extra spherical. The fingers and toes lose their webbing, and your child’s elbows start to operate, permitting for bending of the arms. By the tip of month 3, the finger and toenails will even begin to develop.

Their facial options additionally develop into much more outstanding than they had been final month, as their ears proceed to take form on the edges of their head. Your child will even begin to open and shut his or her mouth (the place little enamel are forming beneath the gums!)

In the case of organ growth, bile is starting to be synthesized within the liver. Blood cells are shaped, and start to flow into, and urine is starting to be produced as nicely by the kidneys. The muscular and skeletal techniques proceed to develop as bones kind from cartilage, and the intestines have shaped inside the stomach, the place in only a few months they are going to be used to course of their breastmilk or method.

One other notable growth that happens in month 3 is the exterior genitalia begin to kind! Nevertheless, it’s typically too quickly to find out the intercourse of the infant on an ultrasound. It’s because, at this cut-off date, the creating genitals of each feminine and males are nonetheless very tiny, and the clitoris and penis development appears pretty comparable. So it is best to attend till the 20 week anatomy scan for a extra definitive reply (until you do a blood take a look at that reveals the gender for you!)

It is also in month 3 when your little embryo turns into a fetus, and your threat of miscarriage drops drastically!

Month 3 Overview:

  • Your infant is now a fetus
  • Child’s physique measurement is growing, so head and physique are a bit extra proportional
  • Fingers and toes lose webbing, and fingernails begin to kind
  • Facial options develop into extra outstanding, ears are actually on the facet of the top
  • Blood cells are synthesized and start to flow into
  • Bile is being synthesized by the liver
  • Urine is shaped
  • Intestines are within the stomach now
  • Bones begin to harden
  • Tooth are starting to kind
  • Exterior genitalia types

Child’s measurement on the finish of 13 weeks: Small lemon or massive plum

Fetus 13 Weeks

Photograph Supply: What to Anticipate

Second Trimester

Month 4 (Weeks 14-17)

Across the begin of your 4th month of being pregnant, you formally enter the second trimester! Up till this level, your little child has been fairly clear. Throughout month 4, the pores and skin begins to get thicker, and hair begins to develop on their physique. This contains little eyelashes and eyebrows. The facial options additionally proceed to maneuver in order that after they’re born they are going to be within the correct place on their little head.

Actions develop into extra apparent, and you probably have a posterior placenta, you’ll most certainly start to really feel little moments (referred to as quickening) as your child stretches, brings their fingers to their mouth, and turns their head. Nevertheless, if that is your first child or you probably have an anterior placenta, then it may be a bit longer earlier than you are feeling something.

Month 4 can be an thrilling time as a result of your child begins doing issues that she or he will do after beginning, comparable to sucking his or her thumb, swallowing, and even smiling. Ears and eyes are extra developed now as nicely, so your child will begin to develop into extra delicate to lights and sounds. So be at liberty to sing and speak to your child at any level now!

Month 4 Overview

  • Prints on fingers and toes kind
  • Vocal cords have shaped
  • Facial options proceed to maneuver to the best place on the face
  • Hair begins to develop
  • Pores and skin begins to thicken
  • Motion will increase as limbs and joints proceed to develop
  • Sucking and swallowing begin
  • Coronary heart is now pumping a number of blood by means of the physique every day
  • Child begins to react to lights and sounds

Child’s measurement on the finish of 17 weeks: Onion or turnip

Baby 17 weeks

Photograph Supply: Instances of India

Month 5 (Weeks 18-22)

Though some soon-to-be mommas will begin to really feel motion in month 4, month 5 is when it occurs for many! If that is so for you, chances are you’ll begin to choose up on when your child is awake and when they’re sleeping, as sleep cycles start to kind! 

Different motion chances are you’ll begin to discover presently is hiccupping. As their lungs proceed to develop, their diaphragm might spasm, inflicting hiccups. The bronchioles inside the lungs develop into way more developed throughout month 5, which can assist your child to breathe (and cry) after beginning.

Many of the organs have developed to a degree the place they’re functioning nicely. The center is pumping cells which might be shaped by the bone marrow, liver and spleen, and the lobes of the mind are persevering with to develop.

In month 5, child will even begin to placed on weight and fats. Vernix caseosa and lanugo will even start to cowl your child’s physique. These will proceed to kind within the coming weeks and as your child enters the third trimester.

Month 5 Overview:

  • Sleep and wake cycles begin to kind
  • Hiccupping begins as lungs proceed to mature and develop
  • Fats is forming
  • Exterior genitalia have shaped and may now be detected extra precisely on an ultrasound
  • Mind lobes are creating 
  • Vernix Caseosa and lanugo are actually beginning to cowl child
  • Child might begin ingesting amniotic fluid to observe swallowing

Child’s measurement on the finish of twenty-two weeks: Papaya

baby 22 weeks

Photograph Supply: What to Anticipate

Month 6 (Weeks 23-27)

Throughout the previous couple of weeks of your second trimester, your child will placed on growing weight. By the tip of this trimester, the percentages of your child having the ability to survive in case you went into labor early are fairly good with high quality neonatal care. The lungs have developed, which, together with the mind, are one of many final issues to mature. Nevertheless, there’s nonetheless way more development that should occur within the coming months.

In month 6, these little eyelids will lastly begin to open, and your child might begin to blink. Melanin begins to be produced, which can ultimately give rise to your child’s distinctive eye and pores and skin tone. The ears will even start to listen to higher, which can even lead to your child turning into startled when loud sounds happen.

That lanugo and vernix caseosa that started to kind in month 5 will proceed to kind, and your child might proceed or begin to develop hair on their scalp in the event that they have not already.

Month 6 Overview:

  • Lanugo and vernix caseosa proceed to kind
  • Melanin is produced
  • Eyelids might open for the primary time
  • Hair begins to develop on child’s head
  • Child continues to achieve fats
  • Ears develop extra totally and may hear sounds even higher

Child’s measurement on the finish of week 27: Cauliflower or cabbage


Photograph Supply: Twin Stuff

Third Trimester

Month 7 (Weeks 28-31)

You might have lastly reached your third trimester! For lots of mothers, that is the purpose the place nesting begins, you develop into more and more uncomfortable, and also you simply need to meet your child already! Fortunately, there’s only a few months left and you will be there! In month 7, your child begins prepping for beginning simply as you’re doing! They’re physique might begin to flip with their head down. 

One of many greatest issues that occurs this month is the nice strides in your child’s mind growth! The bumps of the mind kind, which permits for better floor space. This implies extra mind cells! Because of this speedy mind growth, your child will begin to have the ability to regulate his or her personal physique temperature, one thing they are going to want to have the ability to do as soon as they’re now not inside you! This mind growth additionally aids your child of their potential to reply even higher to stimuli like mild and sound.

Month 7 Overview:

  • Child begins to show with head going through down
  • Child blinks extra
  • REM sleep cycles start
  • Mind develops, bumps in mind kind, child can interpret and reply to stimuli
  • Child continues to swallow amniotic fluid

Child’s measurement on the finish of 31 weeks: Coconut

baby 31 weeks

Photograph Supply: BabyCenter

Month 8 (Weeks 32-35)

Issues begin to wind down in month 8 of being pregnant. And though it is thrilling, it is necessary to keep in mind that each day your child is inside you’ll give your child extra time to develop and develop!

As talked about beforehand, a number of the final issues to mature are the mind and lungs. In month 8, the mind continues to get bigger together with the remainder of their physique. As your child places on weight and power and because the bones harden, chances are you’ll get more and more uncomfortable as they kick and punch your different belly organs. Nevertheless, the bones within the cranium will keep gentle and moveable. It will enable simpler passage throughout supply.

Your child has additionally placed on a number of fats, and the pores and skin has thickened to the purpose that you may now not see by means of child’s pores and skin! Your child can be ingesting LOTS of amniotic fluid every day. It will assist your child’s GI system be prepared for milk.

Month 8 Overview:

  • Mind and lungs continues to develop and develop
  • Skeletal bones proceed to harden
  • Bones in cranium keep gentle to assist in supply
  • Child is ingesting round a pint of amniotic fluid per day
  • Child is now not clear
  • A lot of fats continues to construct up
  • All organs (besides lungs) are totally developed

Child’s measurement on the finish of week 35: Swiss chard or honeydew melon

baby 35 weeks

Photograph Credit score: SMA Child

Month 9 (Weeks 36-40)

You are virtually there! Month 9 can really feel prefer it by no means ends. However simply keep in mind that your child will come after they’re prepared. Belief your physique and know that it is aware of when it is time.

Within the ultimate weeks of being pregnant, your child will begin to shed the lanugo, or physique hair, that helped shield it within the womb. Though most can be passed by beginning, chances are you’ll discover some little tufts of hair (particularly behind the ears and on the arms) at beginning. 

Your child’s lungs additionally lastly attain the purpose the place they’ll operate independently and are able to breathe air! And naturally, that fats and weight continues to be piled on at a speedy tempo. The mind can be rising in measurement (though it’s technically totally developed).

Your child will even drop down into your pelvis to prepare for supply. Chances are you’ll really feel a number of stress in your cervix. Simply know that it means you’ll meet your candy child quickly!

Month 9 Overview:

  • Weight is gained as child grows
  • Lungs are totally developed and able to breathe air
  • Lanugo is shed
  • Mind continues to develop in measurement
  • Child drops into pelvis to arrange for supply

Child’s measurement at 40 weeks: Small pumpkin

Newborn Baby

For more information in your being pregnant, try of publish Your Information to a Wholesome Being pregnant from Conception to Delivery, and go to our weblog at!


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Notice: Though this info was checked on a number of sources to test for accuracy, keep in mind, that each child is totally different and can develop at barely totally different charges. And as a consequence of variations on findings in being pregnant research which have been carried out, there can be some slight discrepancies as to precisely when sure issues develop in a fetus.


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