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ADHD and OCD Collectively: Codependent Frenemies

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On the floor, ADHD and OCD are seemingly unimaginable bedfellows. “Messy,” “hyperactive,” and “scatterbrained” are just some frequent synonyms for the previous, whereas the latter is steadily related to being exceedingly clear, uptight, and meticulous. (Whereas a few of these assumptions about these issues are correct for some individuals, they can’t be generalized or utilized to everybody.)

But, that’s exactly the mix I’ve. Analysis reveals that as much as 30% of individuals with ADHD even have OCD.

In my actuality, ADHD and OCD are codependent frenemies that typically assist steadiness one another, whilst they egg on each other.

OCD and ADHD Feed Off Every Different

My OCD prognosis got here first, and it by no means fairly felt like the entire image. I had bother focusing, which is a standard battle in OCD that stems from problem managing compulsive signs. Nonetheless, it didn’t clarify the day-to-day distractibility I skilled. It additionally didn’t clarify my childhood points with faculty or my impulsivity. When my psychiatrist added the ADHD prognosis, all of it all of the sudden made sense.

OCD and ADHD each suppose they’re useful. ADHD is aware of you want extra dopamine, however it fails to distinguish between wholesome and unhealthy sources. OCD desires to alleviate anxiousness; it simply tends to take action in maladaptive methods.

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Converse to its stereotype, ADHD additionally brings hyperfocus – a curious mixture with OCD, as “obsessive” is correct within the identify. For ADHD brains, obsessions are a solution to get the stimulation your mind thinks it wants. For OCD, obsessions are a catalyst for the compulsion a part of the dysfunction. The 2 steadily exacerbate one another for me; this was very true earlier than I understood that I’ve each.

The interaction may go one thing like this: I’ve an obsessive thought that creates anxiousness. So I carry out a compulsive motion or thought to make it higher. Making it higher offers aid, and aid makes dopamine. Due to this fact, the compulsion not solely relieves the anxiousness briefly but additionally prompts my mind. Attempting to keep away from a compulsion, then again, produces a healthy dose of adrenaline whereas dopamine and serotonin carry out an countless dance in my mind.

OCD exploits the poor impulse management of ADHD. It’s so a lot simpler to “give in” to a compulsion for that fast aid.

As a child, ADHD contributed to emotions of disgrace. I felt like I used to be lazy and couldn’t do something proper. I felt like a failure and understood that I used to be not “dwelling as much as my potential.” OCD feeds on disgrace; its what-ifs led me farther into this spiral. What if my obsessions and intrusive ideas meant that I used to be a horrible particular person? And what if, as a horrible particular person, I used to be actually lazy?

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Whereas “I’ve OCD” is correct, it doesn’t imply that the dysfunction guidelines all the things that I take into consideration and do. As an illustration, I’m not neat and orderly, and germs don’t trouble me past what feels rational. These aren’t my explicit flavors of OCD. So whereas it’s true that OCD and ADHD have purposeful and physiological variations, there may be room in my mind for each.

OCD tends to resemble a recreation of whack-a-mole, with new worries and obsessions popping up simply as others start to really feel manageable. ADHD means I can at all times discover new concepts to show into intrusive ideas.

Uncertainty fuels OCD, and ADHD produces plenty of uncertainty. For instance, it’s difficult to reassure your self that you just locked the automotive when you might have forgotten to take action many occasions earlier than.

OCD and ADHD: Too Intertwined to Tease Aside

Nonetheless, I believe ADHD works to maintain OCD in verify in some methods. For instance, individuals with comorbid ADHD and OCD usually tend to expertise primarily thought-based compulsions, which I discover much less disruptive than any bodily compulsions I expertise. Typically, the distractability of ADHD smooths the roughest edges of my OCD.

I additionally suppose ADHD makes OCD remedy extra profitable for me. Having a breakthrough, figuring one thing out, and relieving disgrace all carry the jolt of dopamine my mind craves. So, in some methods, their coexistence led me to more practical therapy.

It might be nice if neurodivergence and signs of psychological circumstances may match properly into particular person columns. If solely let’s imagine, “this compulsion clangs round within the OCD bucket,” “that quirk strains the underside of the ADHD basket,” and “that neurosis suits within the wider anxiousness container.” But it surely’s not often that simple. Whereas OCD and ADHD are opposites in some methods, they’re additionally too intertwined to tease aside.

OCD and ADHD Collectively: Subsequent Steps

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